“This very personalised guide-book to the problems and solutions to chronic back pain is both comprehensive and meticulous in its approach.

As a doctor I believe it is medically safe and sound as a valuable resource to those who have failed to benefit from the panoply of treatments for this disabling condition.

Ironically, while reading this book I suffered from several weeks of an unaccustomed stiff lower back, and I was able to appreciate the relevance of this publication and the great insights with which it has been written.”

Dr David Brownridge

Retired General Practitioner, Fellow of the British Medical Association & Chairman of the Worcestershire and Herefordshire division of the BMA


“We all know someone who is suffering from back pain and most of us have experienced it personally.  In some cases, the bouts of pain may be occasional but in many it is a permanent agony that can blight a person’s life totally. Because it is so prevalent many books have been written on the subject.

This book is different. It is not written by a medical specialist or a professional in related fields, nor does it contain impenetrable technical language or propose expensive technical remedies. The author is a person who, in the prime of an active life, found his world collapsing around him. He was even warned that he could lose the capacity to walk. This is his personal story of how, through sheer determination, hard work and exercise, as well as perseverance in changing all aspects of his way of living, he fought his way back to a full and healthy life. His book is not just an example of what can be done but is full of practical, simple and often obvious ways in which you can do the same and banish back pain.”

Dame Margaret J Anstee DCMG

Former Under-Secretary General, United Nations


“ This is an excellent read offering very sound and sensible advise to all “back pain” sufferers.

The way Peter has written this book and the positive approach to his long term management is a credit to him and could be applied to many other medical conditions which involve immobility and pain.

As Peter says: ‘Take ownership of your problems do not abdicate health care to anyone, work in partnership and take action to help yourself.’ ”

Magdeline Coomber

Retired Nurse teacher and specialist nurse in Gastroenterology and Diabetes”


“This book is brilliant, it gives lots of practical and useful information that you just won’t find anywhere else. It is inspirational, it has even got me doing some of the exercises and they really do make a difference.” 

Heidi Barnsley IIHHT

Advanced SportTherapist


“Peter’s book is inspirational, motivating, hopeful and reassuring. It encourages self-control, choice and independence. He is mindful of the relationship between conventional medicine and complementary therapies and his recommendations are not whacky off-the-wall ideas but practical and achievable approaches. I am sure this book will help many to overcome pain and immobility and the associated distress and loss of dignity. Peter is proof that with practice and determination, people can have the power within them to change predicted outcomes.

Working as a nurse for nearly 40 years, I have seen many colleagues impacted by back injury, sometimes terminating careers early, often debilitated for lengths of time or seemingly permanently. If this book goes some way to improving health and well-being and self-worth, then it is worth every moment invested in reading it.”

Nicky West, RGN, DN, Dip Pall Care, Cert MMt



“As a back pain sufferer of many years standing, I have found that, like Peter, there is no magic bullet. You have got to keep moving, keep trying different things and work through the pain – this book explains how and shows there is a way forward.”

“Peter’s tips, methods, procedures and above all practical advice give us fellow sufferers more ideas and thoughts on how to cope and critically how to live an active, positive life. “

Michael Kay

Back pain sufferer


“This book kept me on my toes at a time when depression was kicking in due to the inability to work and when everything was an immense effort.

The action points helped to make me more positive and responsible

I now think about how I sit, walk and do everyday tasks and also I’m able to incorporate my exercises into my daily routine.

All the advice in this book is very valuable and is a must for anyone with any back problems, it has the ability to make you want to get up and restart your life.

Denise Brown

Back pain sufferer


“Peter Johnson’s book is highly informative and provides detailed, practical advice to remedy back pain. He has explored and developed strategies for managing every aspect of daily life and given hope to those who live with this debilitating condition.”

Jackie Lush

Back pain sufferer


“This book represents a victory for common sense and personal discipline to overcome back pain, that is achievable by anyone with little determination. Peter comes to the subject from a deeply personal perspective, he carefully weighs up various therapies and gives his considered advice in practical and achievable steps. The book confronts the difficulties head-on with compassion and clear thinking, it is an excellent read.”

Mr R L J Douglas-Bate


“At last a book that speaks common sense! Written by someone who’s walked the path of back pain and was determined to get back literally on his feet. This book is full of great practical advice.

My personal experience was being told to ‘rest up’ until being seen by a specialist nine months later to be told not only was that the worst advice but it’s actually exacerbated my condition. This book puts the ownership of the issue firmly back (!) into the readers hands, making small adjustments to reduce pain, increase comfort and, of course, mobility.

If you’re serious about not being held back, this book is for you.”

Sallie Bate

Back pain sufferer


“What better way to cure your back problems, than to learn from someone who has done it.

80% of people will suffer from a back problem at some point in their lives. Be it a niggle or outright agony, all back pain has a debilitating effect on life, effecting drive, desire and confidence. While the medical route can help, there is also a natural path. In “I beat back pain so can you” Peter Johnson provides an honest, holistic approach to curing back problems. It looks at fear, exercise, work, diet and more in a practical, no-hype manner. It’s a must read if you genuinely want to beat back pain in a natural way. What better way to cure your back problems, than to learn from someone who has done it.”

Neil Fellowes – helping people objectively see what works for their health


“One of the most easily understood and informative books on back pain I have ever read.  This book sets out ways in which you can deal with the problems and ensure that you don’t suffer in the same way in the future. There are simple steps I use in my everyday life which seem common sense now but needed to be there is black and white before I realised the difference they could make.”

Lee Gough

Back pain sufferer


“Having someone close to me who suffers periodically with a back problem, it is clear just how debilitating this can be. Peter’s story is inspirational and demonstrates how even a severe back problem can be rectified without surgery. This book has made me more aware of my own habits and realise, as a young adult, the importance of taking responsibility for my own actions and lifestyle in order to help prevent back problems in later life. There are some excellent tips in the book to help do this!”

Hannah Marshall

Young adult and relative of a back pain sufferer